Bev Roche is a trained chef who WOULD LIKE TO HELP YOU AND YOUR FAMILY EAT HEALTHIER at home and school.

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Learn about healthy nutricious meals your kids will actually want to eat!


Keep up with the latest trends and news on healthy eating for your family.

Let Bev talk with your school to discuss and plan healthy alternative menus.

I was born in South Africa and had a pretty 'normal' childhood, eating meat, carbs and 3 veg made by my mom. They were organic, seasonal and local by default.

I studied Chemical Engineering for 3 years before realizing that it did not give full expression to my creativity, so I changed to Fashion Design! And for the next 20 years I worked in and around clothing; product development, designing, sourcing, manufacturing, and loved every minute.

I moved to Thailand in 2000 to work for Tesco, one of the largest retailers in the world, as the Manager of their Sourcing Office. In 2002 I moved to London to work for Sara Lee Courtaulds. And in 2004 I married my husband who is British, and we moved to Hong Kong, where we had an exciting and sociable 5 years.

It was in Hong Kong that I read Dr. Fuhrman's Eat to Live, and decided to go vegan for health. It took some time to 'transition' but I never felt better in my life, and remain 100% persuaded that plant-based is the way forward. I continued to read and to study and was delighted to discover that there are  so many medical doctors who AGREE on how to eat for health! So many of us feel pushed and pulled by the latest 'research' that we can feel disheartened. But take heart, there is a way forward that is fully supported by science and studies.

In 2009 we moved to the States. I was so excited I could finally enroll for the Chef's Training Program at the Natural Gourmet in Manhattan. It was my dream to do this, and it didn't disappoint. After graduating, I completed some internships. And then I had twins, and all ideas I had of working in food receded... for a while. Now my ambition to help others eat a plant-based is an idea whose time has come, and I'm very excited to start Food by Bev, and work in our local community, which we love, and where we feel so entrenched.